Hello my friends! It’s me, Tanya Janca from We Hack Purple, and I am beyond thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with Semgrep to take the world of application security by storm! As the new Head of Education and Community, bringing We Hack Purple community and content with me, we will be offering more free content, events, and training than ever before! 

I am joining Semgrep! I could not be more thrilled!

Let me tell you a little bit about why I decided to join Semgrep. For starters, we share a common goal of advancing application security practices and empowering developers to build secure code. As a company, Semgrep values openness, accessibility, and community, which aligns perfectly with my values and We Hack Purple’s mission. By merging our expertise and strengths, we can amplify our impact and bring about real change in the cybersecurity landscape.

So, what does it mean to be the Head of Education and Community at Semgrep? Well, my role is all about fostering inclusivity, building relationships, and offering valuable resources to both Semgrep customers and the public. In other words, it’s about empowering everyone to learn and grow in the realm of application security. Education and community-building are integral to advancing cybersecurity practices, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to lead those efforts at Semgrep.

Some of my new team members!!!!!

One way we’re doing this is through free training programs for Semgrep customers and the public! By offering free resources and training to anyone who wants to learn, we’re helping to close the gap on education and accessibility in application security. We will be working to combine the two communities (We Hack Purple + Semgrep) over the coming months to offer more services, events, content, and fun! We will work to foster a community that shares knowledge, asks questions, and grows together. This is only the beginning of what I hope to accomplish with our collaboration with Semgrep.

Will you please do me a small favour? Sign up for the Semgrep Newsletter. I’m going to be inviting everyone for free training, events, contents, sharing content and more via the newsletter, and I want to ensure you get it. 😀


To wrap things up, I want to reiterate the value of community to bring together expertise and experience in the cybersecurity industry. With a united effort like this one between Semgrep and We Hack Purple, we can achieve great things in the realm of application security and empower developers and IT professionals to build secure code with confidence. Stay tuned for upcoming initiatives and training opportunities – we can’t wait to share them with you!So, until next time, happy coding and stay secure!

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