Tanya’s training is fun, practical and current. Prepare for a day of interactive, high-energy learning, and more than a few laughs.

Tanya gives live, virtual training and speaks at corporate events.

Secure Coding

Learn the foundations of secure coding for any language during this fun and educational training session! We will cover the ’17 commandments’ from Alice and Bob Learn Application Security, what to do during a security incident, the OWASP Top Ten (2017 & 2021), PCI compliance, and more. Training can be customized to your needs. Learn all the main defences, when and how to do them, and what not to do! Prepare for a lot of Star Trek memes, open discussion, and a lot of developers asking for security feedback on their projects! Send her an email for more details.

Private events

Tanya can be hired on a case-to-case basis for corporate events, including security champion workshops, all-staffs and yearly security training and awareness. Send her an email for more details.