Tanya’s training is fun, practical and current. Prepare for a day of interactive, high-energy learning, and more than a few laughs.

Tanya gives live, virtual training and speaks at corporate events!

Secure Coding

In this fun and interactive training software developers will learn a secure SDLC, 8 secure design concepts, the 17 secure coding commandments as per ‘Alice and Bob Learn Application Security’, API security best practices, the OWASP Top Ten (2017 and 2021), plus their role during a security incident. There are quizzes, stories, jokes, discussion, memes, code review, and lecture, but no hands-on coding as part of this training. Send her an email for more details.

Application Security

Learn how to build an application security program from scratch, or improve the one you already have. We will build a repeatable, measurable security program that ensures the software your organization creates is secure.
Topics you’ll learn:

  • Create program goals, then measure them and improve your performance
  • Scaling your program and security team
  • All popular AppSec tools and activities
  • Standards, Guidelines and Policies for secure software
  • Best practices for securing modern applications
  • The basics of how to recognize and prepare for handling and preventing software security incidents
  • Created ‘paved roads’ and secure defaults for software developers
  • Creating and delivering a developer education and advocacy program
  • Gathering metrics and using them for improvement
  • You will finish this training course with a 9-page plan to build or improve an application security program for your organization.

Private events

Tanya can be hired to speak at corporate events, including security champion workshops, all-staff meetings, and annual security training and awareness. Send her an email for more details.