Hello folks! I will be speaking both B-Sides San Francisco and #RSAC this year, the last week of April 2023, in San Francisco. I would love to have a chance to meet some of you in person. If you see me, and feel comfortable, please say hello! I’m really friendly, and I will have stickers to give away.

Saturday April 22: B-Sides San Francisco, then the after party in the evening.

Sunday April 23: B-Sides San Francisco all day, including my talk at 4:30 pm, then private event in the evening.

Big smiles from Tanya
Big smiles from Tanya

Monday April 24:

Tuesday April 25th:

Wednesday April 26th:

  • 1:00 to 3:00 pm, my SAST workshop at #RSAC with Clint Gibler of SemGrep, PASS REQUIRED
  • 4:30 RSAC Library Book Signing PASS REQUIRED

Thursday April 27th:

Friday April 28th: fly home and sleep for a week!


  1. I’m looking at being there the 25th and/or the 27th. I have something else going on the 26th.

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