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In a recent ‘Ask Me Anything; Application Security’ live stream, Tanya Janca discusses ‘What would you tell University Students about Application Security?’ This video is approximately 9 minutes.

What would you tell University Students about Application Security?

Stream Summary:

  • There are over a million jobs in the security field for which there is no qualified security person available to fill; you will never be without work if you choose this field
  • I explained that learning how to use zap is easy, and breaking things is fun
  • Doing hands-on things right away is a good way to learn
  • I explained that I started THIS SITE. How meta of me to discuss it here. I also talked about my long term goals for the site; to create affordable training so that we can create AppSec and DevSecOp engineers, and find them their first job.
  • Discussion of two large problems in InfoSec; not enough highly skilled people to do all of the work and there is no clear career path to get into our field.
  • Plans for to create theory and hands-on lessons with security tools. Especially the “not free” tools, that you are more likely to be expected to use at work. I am currently contacting vendors to see how we can create a deal so my students can try their products for free or almost-free.
  • I describe how I want to teach my courses, how I hope to help people learn.
  • Then I nerd out about Vulnerability Management and Metrics, because I really like those topics.
  • Then someone in the chat changes the topic and that will be my very next post!

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