We Hack Purple, Acquired by Bright Security!

Tanya smiling thanks to good news

Yes, you read that right! My friends at Bright bought my company, We Hack Purple! Bright makes a DAST (dynamic application security testing tool), and I have been on their advisory board for some time, so we know each other well and have been working together for years. They also just released a brand new tool for the Lucky Framework (crystal programming language), which creates security-focused unit tests, automagically! Trust me, it’s very cool, and there’s more on the way!

As part of this deal, starting immediately, all of the courses from the We Hack Purple Academy will be available in the We Hack Purple Community, for FREE. Yes, you heard that right. Secure coding for everyone!

Image of Tanya, smiling
I am VERY happy about this news!

So what comes next? I plan to work with Bright for the next couple years, creating more content, running the We Hack Purple Community, speaking at conferences and helping to improve the Bright products until they are absolutely spectacular. I will also start on writing my next book, Alice and Bob Learn Secure Coding.

Thanks for listening to my happy news!